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The Australian Science Communicators are hosting the conference in collaboration with the World Federation of Science Journalists.



--Scholarship applications have closed--

Two scholarship programs were offered:

  • Full scholarships for journalists from developing and emerging countries
  • Travel scholarships for early-career journalists from the US and Canada - thanks to the government of Victoria.
Other scholarships may be available through your national science journalism association or another international agencies.

Scholarships for journalists from developing and emerging countries

We are excited by the response from journalists around the world and we are keen to see journalists from developing and emerging countries represented. This is a key element and will ensure it is an effective world meeting. Our funds are limited but we are planning to support around 50 journalists with the help of various sponsors.

We want to be sure that we identify people who are working journalists and who have a demonstrated commitment to science journalism - that is people who are paid by the media to report on science (including medical, environmental, agricultural science issues). We will NOT have the funds to support information officers and others who are paid by science and government organisations to write about their science.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship please email me an application form answering the following questions and addressing any of the priorities that are relevant to you.

Almost all international visitors coming to the conference will require a short business visit visa. For most countries this may take four to six weeks. So we'd recommend applying as soon as possible.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid visa to enter Australia. We can provide documentation to assist you, but it is your responsibility.

For some more information on applying for a visa, click here

Please email your application to niall@scienceinmelbourne2007.org with the words 'Scholarship application' in the subject line.


  • Full name, your position and organisation.
  • Address, telephone and email.
  • How long have you been working as a journalist.
  • Please outline your portfolio of published articles - we would like to see copies of, or links to, three or four articles that you have written in the last six months to a year.
  • If we support your visit to Australia we hope you will share what you learn when you return home. How do you plan to communicate with your peers on your return from the conference?
  • If we can't fully fund your visit would you be able to contribute some of the costs?
  • Are there organisations in your country who might be able to contribute towards the cost of your visit?
  • Please provide contact details - phone number and email - of two referees - respected journalists and/or scientists who can vouch for you.

    You can download the scholarship application form here


    These are the priorities we will use in making our choices. We will give priority to science journalists who are:

  • already involved in the World Federation of Science Journalists - in particular in their Peer to Peer mentorship program,
  • already working with SciDev.Net,
  • helping themselves i.e. if you can get partial support from your government or from other organisations,
  • helping their colleagues i.e. if for example you propose bringing 2 or 4 journalists from your country, then (subject to the other criteria above) we would consider funding half the cost of the delegation, and
  • from countries or regions that are not represented in the conference.
  • Please note. If you are successful in your application, you will need to organise a visa for your visit to Australia. Our conference managers will assist in this process, but it will be your responsibility.

    If you would like to approach organisations directly for support for your trip, and to develop a relationship with them for future events, we have developed a draft letter that you can modify to suit your own situation. Click here for the draft letter. Click here for a background on the conference that you can attach to your letter to organisations.

    If you have any questions about this application process, please contact Sarah Brooker, the Executive Officer of the conference on sarah@scienceinmelbourne2007.org or phone +61 3 9397 3980.